Amidst the exponential growth of available data and AI capabilities, there is an emerging need for new expertise across industries. Hi! PARIS actively supports its partner schools in integrating and enhancing AI and Data Science within their respective and joint academic programs. The center spearheads initiatives to foster awareness, hands-on experiences, and serves as a unique, interdisciplinary meeting place. To address this skill gap, Hi! PARIS has developed a range of activities in data science and management aimed at training the future driving forces of industry. These programs are not exclusive to students of HEC Paris and IP Paris but are open to all students, reflecting the center’s commitment to broad-based educational excellence. 

Students involved since 2021 in these transversal activities

The X-HEC Master of Science Data Science for Business is ranked #3 worldwide and #1 in Europe:

It’s a two-year program designed for high-level, internationally oriented students. Taught jointly by École Polytechnique and HEC Paris, this program offers the unique opportunity to study at two world-leading institutions for engineering and business. The X-HEC Data Science for Business Master’s Program provides its students with a very sought-after double expertise across all sectors and industries. It aims to train dual-profile managers and data scientists to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and data managers, who will go on to create impactful startups, disrupt business models and manage innovation.

Data Bootcamp:

Students each year since 2021, have taken part in the Data Bootcamp

The Hi! PARIS Data Bootcamp is designed for for Bachelor, Master and MBA students willing to develop their knowledge in Data Science or Python programming before the start of the academic year. It objective is to develop students’ awareness and give them an overview of the use of Data Science in a business world and help them to put in practice Data Science. The program is structured and designed for students with basic knowledge in Data
Science or Python programming.

Data Bootcamp Reflections:

“I discovered the fundamentals of data science, python coding and the multiple phases of a data project from end-to-end! It gave me a deeper understanding of the applicability of data science to different industries.“

Ines de Vulpian – HEC Paris

“This enriching week provided me with a unique opportunity to know more about data science and AI. The experience was enriched by insightful presentations from domain experts.”

Salma Guennouni- ENSTA


Students each year since 2021, have taken part in the Hi!ckathon

An annual 2-Day competitive data challenge offering a preparatory program of 3-5 weeks. 4 editions from 2021 to 2023 on societal topics (AI and Energy Efficiency, AI and Sustainability, AI and Energy Sobriety, AI, Olympic Games 2024 & Supply Chain).

Benefits for Participants:

Skill Enhancement

Expert Mentorship

Networking Opportunities

Access to real-world datasets

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Summer School:

Participants in the last edition!

The Hi! PARIS Summer Schools’ objective is to offer a large choice of state-of-the-art / upgrading courses and networking opportunities between PhD,PostDocand Master level students, professors and corporate representatives. Mixing top-notch academicinterventions and practicaltutorials, the eventcontributes to the Center’s capacity to reach out to academic and business communities.

Career Fair:

Students involved since 2021!

For our students, the career fair offers the opportunity to identify potential future internships and job opportunities in AI and Data Science, receive career advice, and engage in discussions about the initiatives of the participating companies.

Career Fair
France 2030

This activities have benefited from a government grant managed by the ANR under France 2030 with the reference “ANR-22-CMAS-0002”.

Capstone Projects

10 weeks of practical work mentored by an academic tutor and a company representative, including corporate donors, on a subject and dataset proposed by the company.

This collaborative effort not only bolsters the practical skills of the students but also fosters a direct understanding of industry challenges and methodologies. It’s a valuable opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical tasks, gain insight into corporate operations, and develop a professional network within their field of study.

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