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Recap of Hi! PARIS Data Bootcamp 2023

As the curtains close on another successful chapter, we are thrilled to share the enriching journey of the Hi! PARIS Data BootCamp 2023.




With a focus on equipping future leaders with the skills to navigate the data-driven landscape, the Hi! PARIS Data Bootcamp brought together a highly diverse and international group of students for a week intensive training on topics including data analysis, data visualization, python programming, and machine learning. The program offered a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower participants with real-world knowledge and hands-on training.


Within the dynamic academic sphere, we seek to unveil boundless opportunities

Throughout the Data Bootcamp, students embarked on an immersive learning journey. From mastering foundational concepts to exploring advanced techniques, the curriculum encompassed a range of topics including data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. Through a combination of expert-led sessions, collaborative projects, and practical exercises, participants gained insights into how data insights drive innovation and informed decision-making.

Central to the program’s success were the voices of our students. Some of the participants graciously shared their experiences, providing a window into the transformative impact of the Hi! PARIS Data BootCamp. Their testimonials highlight the supportive learning environment, and the personal growth they achieved.



“I discovered the fundamentals of data science, python coding and the multiple phases of a data project from end-to-end! It gave me a deeper understanding of the applicability of data science to different industries.“

Ibrahim BARRY - HEC Paris

“Great learning experience! It wasn't only about learning technical skills, but it was also about learning and using data science in coherence with ethics to tackle business challenges.”


“This enriching week provided me with a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of data science and AI. The experience was enriched by insightful presentations from domain experts.”


“This course gave me a complete understanding of data science, machine learning, and AI – why, what, and how. I am now empowered to effectively implement these solutions in both my professional and personal activities.”

The successes, lessons learned, and growth experienced by our participants serve as an inspiration for the sessions to come. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the Hi! PARIS community remains dedicated to shaping the future of data science education.