While data was the black gold of the early 21st century for many organizations, its exploitation has really taken off with the widespread use of artificial intelligence technologies based on machine learning and deep learning, and thanks to high-performance computing infrastructures.

Data science and AI now affect all sectors of the economy, and no player can remain competitive without investing in this area, which is now driving the digital transformation.

AI for Business today: examples of sectors’ applications

All sectors now need AI to boost their competitivity and thrive. The following examples are just a glimpse of the almost unlimited possibilities that AI offers us. Within Hi! PARIS, the interaction between corporate donors, students, researchers, and policymakers breaks down traditional barriers that impede effectively harnessing technologies to generate scientific breakthroughs leading to economic and societal value.

The web Major for whom data is flowing freely, are instilling AI at the heart of their services, as well as in their intelligent agents and recommendation engines. Developing ever-greater proximity and even smoother interactions with customers is their line of conduct.

Finance, where data has long been central, has taken the lead and FinTech is thriving. This sector, which is sensitive to the slightest fluctuation, must also develop cyber security solutions to protect its exchanges and fight against external manipulation

Industry 4.0. with its sensors and robots, will further optimize productivity and develop the predictive approach to anticipate breakdowns and malfunctions. The machines will become even more autonomous and will communicate with each other to improve their performance.

The automotive industry is concentrating a lot of efforts on the autonomous vehicle which, alone, poses many data-related challenges: safety and reliability, image processing, language processing, computer-driver interaction, etc.

At a glimpse, Hi! PARIS tackles AI and Data for…


Future of work, Digital transformation, Marketing Analytics, New business models and digital entrepreneurship, Job Search analytics…


New organizational forms, networks, market structures…


Access to credit, FinTech, cryptocurrency, asset management, economics of information…


Ad targeting, predictive customer service, dynamic pricing, cross selling…

Building Bridges with Industry...

Hi! PARIS MeetUps give the opportunity to build bridges between Hi! PARIS scientific academic experts and the economic communities. It’s a great opportunity to connect to the latest research on a key topic related to AI and to network with business leaders (R&D / R&T / R&I Teams, data scientists, prospective team, policy makers) and academics! We start with a poster session from our young researchers before a short presentation or panel discussion with some Hi! PARIS researchers, expert in the domain.  

The Hi! Breakfast brings together leading researchers in Artificial Intelligence from our corporate donors and Hi! PARIS. This gathering presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for attendees to meet, share ideas, and discuss ongoing projects within our respective communities. It’s an ideal platform for fostering collaboration, exchanging insights, and exploring the latest developments in AI research.

The Career Fair event organized by Hi! PARIS Center offers to the students the opportunity to identify potential future internships and job opportunities in AI and Data Science, receive career advice, and engage in discussions about the initiatives of the participating companies.