Why develop a disruptive corporate philanthropy model?

We need to develop a European leadership on these critical subjects. Together, we can and must act now. We can simultaneously address scientific, technological, business and societal challenges around data science and artificial intelligence, and therefore leverage European economy and improve livelihoods worldwide. Academic institutions with the support of companies must undertake a lasting commitment for the future. This unique multidisciplinary Center on Data & Artificial Intelligence for science and technology, business and will serve a global purpose

A significant budget to...

Funding model of Hi! PARIS will be a game changer for our institutions. Our philanthropy model is based on large companies’ donations. It will allow us to invest and to compete with leading global academic institutions that have recently benefited from major transformational donations around these themes.

… build long-term benefit and…

By investing in education, research and innovation, companies will benefit from major competitive advantage as they contribute to develop the workforce and the technology that will allow them to thrive.

... an AI values-based European leadership

It will help shift the locus of thought and training leadership from the US and Asia, putting Paris and Europe on the map and create one of the leading institutions in the world.

Why become a Corporate Donor?

HI! PARIS research will develop AI’s next generation for companies and society. Being a corporate donor means


Allowing major research breakthrough.


Contributing to build a strong and fair economy.


Allowing society to thrive.

How will your funding be used?

The Center invests to


Increase our research, teaching and innovation capacity.


Develop joint programs at Master and PhD level.


Build infrastructures a data platform and dedicated facilities.

How to become
Corporate Donor?

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