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Hi!ckathon 2022 – AI & Sustainability Talks with corporate donors

Hi! PARIS corporate donors are doing us the pleasure of open talks on AI & sustainability within the framework of The Hi!ckathon 2022, the Hi! PARIS Hackathon.

The Hi!ckathon is the hackathon organized by Hi! PARIS around challenges on data science, sustainability and business subjects. This challenging event is open to students of HEC Paris, IP Paris schools and other universities. The 2022 edition of the Hi!ckathon which will take place on March 5 & 6 2022 (see the brochure).

Hi! PARIS Corporate Donors will be giving a series of webinars on AI & Sustainability. The objectives are to:

  • Raise public awareness on topics along the “AI & Sustainability” theme
  • Prepare the participants of the Hi!ckathon on the business and societal aspects of the theme “AI & Sustainability”.
Hi!ckathon 2022 includes 5 weeks of training including Hi! PARIS corporate donors open talks
Hi! PARIS AI & Sustainability Talks! #1 by Capgemini

How to measure the carbon footprint of your digital activities?

Wednesday 2 February, 6.00pm
Return on Environment (ROE) is the new ROI for businesses. This session will introduce you to ROE and the tools that are being developed at Capgemini to track and measure the environmental impact of digital and AI activities. This session will discuss:
  • The carbon impact simulator for Digital projects (Energy & Utilities sectors).
  • CarbonAI : A python package that allows to precisely measure and monitor the power consumption of any python algorithm.
Speakers: Simon Gosset, Martin Chauvin, Emilie Debedde
Hi! PARIS AI & Sustainability Talks! #2 by REXEL

How do AI solutions help Rexel Branch Managers develop their business for better customer satisfaction and sustainability?

Wednesday 9 February, 6.00pm

In this session, Rexel experts will explain how an AI solution was developed and deployed to help 430 Branch Managers in recommending the most suitable product assortment to their customers.

Speakers: Laurent Nizard, Laurent Simon, Mathieu Foucher, Ceyla Simeu, Kevin Guimard

Hi! PARIS AI & Sustainability Talks! #3 by TotalEnergies

Computer Vision at TotalEnergies: feedback and lessons learned from AI applications

Tuesday 15 February, 6.00pm

In this session, you will be given an overview of Computer Vision projects carried out at TotalEnergies and example about how Deep Learning has opened possibilities for image processing and analysis. Finally, the speaker will share some feedback and thoughts around the use of AI for Computer Vision.

Speakers: Sébastien Guillon

Hi! PARIS AI & Sustainability Talks! #4 by Capgemini

How might AI save the Planet?

Wednesday 22 February, 6.00pm (TBC)

AI is undoubtedly a transformative technology that will continue to have impact over productivity, equality, and inclusion in companies and society. As climate issues raise sustainability at the top of most companies’ strategic agendas, a deep understanding of the relationship between AI and sustainability becomes increasingly essential.
This session will present how sustainable AI solutions, developed by Capgemini, can help companies reduce their carbon footprint and waste and counter global warming following two complementary approaches:

  • Green AI: the importance to implement the most resource efficient technologies through an understanding and a control of their infrastructure and energy consumption.
  • AI for climate action: how AI solutions can help companies achieve their sustainable vision and allow societies reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Speakers: Vincent de Montalivet, Hartvig Johannson

Hi! PARIS AI & Sustainability Talks! #5 by L’Oréal

Future of Generative Modeling for Beauty Tech by ModiFace (a L’Oréal company)

Tuesday 1 March, 6.00pm

Realistic Virtual Try-On (VTO) is an important topic for the beauty industry in today’s digital world. This session will introduce generative models and their significance for next-generation VTO. Example applications will be covered including aging simulation, hair style transfer, and makeup rendering.

Speakers: Brendan Duke, Irene Jiang