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Hi! PARIS Engineering Team Launch, 2 Feb 2022

Hi! PARIS is pleased to launch event of the Hi! PARIS Engineering Team Platform.

Hi! PARIS Engineering Team Platform launching event

Wednesday 2 February, 2.00-3.30 PM (Paris Time)
Zoom Webinar
We are delighted to share with our researchers the official launch of our research support engineering team.

On this occasion, we will introduce to you the Hi! PARIS Engineering Team and its aim. Our engineering team will present the brand new project proposal platform. Some of your colleagues will share with us their experience of collaboration with our engineers and present the pilot projects that have been completed (or are underway).

This event is dedicated to researchers in AI and Data science of IP Paris, HEC Paris and Inria !

For more information on the Hi! PARIS Engineering Team, visit our website:

  • 14.00-14.10 – INTRODUCTION
    • Presentation of Hi! PARIS by Gaël Richard, Executive director of Hi! PARIS
    • Presentation of Hi! PARIS Engineering Team by Stephan Clémençon, Hi! PARIS Engineering Team Manager
    by Gaëtan Brison, Hi! PARIS Research Engineer
  • 14.25-15.00 – PRESENTATION OF RESEARCH PROJECTS CARRIED (completed and in progress) + FEEDBACKS by the researchers
    • Gaël Guibon, Telecom Paris, IP PARIS – Meta-learning for NLP
    • Sao Mai Nguyen, ENSTA, IP PARIS – Detection of Movement in Medical Imaging
    • Thomas Bonald, Telecom Paris, IP PARIS – scikit-network, a Python library for large-scale graph analysis
    • Aluna Wang, HEC Paris – Knowledge Spillovers in the Open Source Community
    • Klaus Miller, HEC Paris – Cookies Data Visualization
    • Florence d’Alché, Telecom Paris, IP PARIS – Package on Structured Predictions
  • 15.00-15.30 – Q&A