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L’Hémicycle Spotlights Hi! PARIS Achievements and Perspectives in Special Issue

We’re delighted to share that L’Hémicycle has published a special issue to the achievements and vision of the Hi! PARIS Center. 

In 2018, France was one of the first nations to establish a comprehensive plan for AI, a move that helped maintain its competitive edge according to a recent report by the Cour des Comptes (April 2023). Hi! PARIS exemplifies this proactive approach by striving to position France and Europe as global leaders in AI and data science research. We aim to push boundaries, fostering research, education, and an innovation ecosystem that will benefit society.

Hi! PARIS, with over 300 affiliated researchers, advances knowledge across diverse domains like machine learning, digital transformation, legal tech, cybersecurity, deep tech, and robotics. Alongside its research initiatives, Hi! PARIS is committed to education, ensuring future generations develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate an ever-evolving technological landscape. Our schools now serve as genuine, full-scale laboratories, offering the best environment to study how AI can benefit students and professors through innovative learning experiences, adaptation to diverse profiles, and the creation of new spaces of knowledge.

We aim to create an ecosystem that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship while promoting inclusivity and positive societal outcomes.


Take a look at page 24 of the special issue for more insights into our vision and progress!