Look back at our last Meet&Greet!

Three Years of Transformative Growth and Collaboration

Hi! PARIS recently celebrated its third anniversary with a Meet & Greet event at VINCI’s Leonard on December 19th. This event marked a significant step in Hi! PARIS’s journey since its creation in September 2020.

Over these years, Hi! PARIS has achieved significant growth, driven by community support and collaborative efforts. The Meet & Greet was an opportunity to reflect on these achievements and express gratitude towards everyone who contributed to the center’s success.

Reflecting on Achievements and Aspirations

Attendees included a mix of academic and representatives of our corporate donors and other industry professionals who have been part of Hi! PARIS’s journey. The event featured presentations that highlighted past accomplishments and future goals. It was not just a celebration but also a moment for sharing insights and fostering connections. As Hi! PARIS moves forward, the center continues to focus on bridging data analytics and AI with science, business, and society. The Meet & Greet underlined this commitment and set a positive tone for future aspirations.


As Hi! PARIS closes another chapter with its third-anniversary Meet & Greet, the event not only celebrated past achievements but also set a forward-looking trajectory for the center. Emphasizing the importance of community, collaboration, and innovative thinking, Hi! PARIS stands poised to continue its impactful journey in bridging AI, data science, business and societal needs. The future invites promises of further growth and deeper collaborations, as Hi! PARIS remains dedicated to its vision.