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Hi!ckathon 2023 – AI & Energy Sobriety Talks with corporate donors

Hi! PARIS corporate donors are doing us the pleasure of open talks on AI & Energy Sobriety within the framework of The Hi!ckathon 2023, the Hi! PARIS Hackathon.

The Hi!ckathon is the hackathon organized by Hi! PARIS around challenges on data science, sustainability and business subjects. This challenging event is open to students of HEC Paris, IP Paris schools and other universities. The 2023 edition of the Hi!ckathon which will take place on January 14 & 15, 2023 (see leaflet).

Hi! PARIS Corporate Donors will be giving a series of webinars on AI & Energy Sobriety. The objectives are to:

  • Raise public awareness on topics along the “AI & Energy Sobriety” theme
  • Prepare the participants of the Hi!ckathon on the business and societal aspects of the theme “AI & Energy Sobriety”.
Hi!ckathon 2023 includes 5 weeks of training including Hi! PARIS corporate donors open talks
Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #1 by L’Oréal

Tuesday 22 November, 6.00pm

AI as a force for good for our consumers, our employees and the planet

How AI is helping L’Oreal to lead the Beauty Tech by inventing the Beauty of the Future while transforming into a Company of the future. Ai as a force for good for our consumers, our employees and the planet.

Speakers: Stéphane Lannuzel

Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #2 by Capgemini

Tuesday 29 November, 6.00pm

AI x Energy frugality, how can we help to reduce energy consumption ?

In this talk, we will address the subject of AI and Energy Frugality from 2 angles :

  • How to design a frugal AI?
  • How to drive a decarbonization trajectory with data?
  • How to improve the energy performance of operations thanks to AI?

Speakers: Martin Chauvin, Sofiane Schaack, Hugo Martin

Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #3 by Vinci

Tuesday 6 December, 6.00pm

AI at VINCI: a selection of use cases

At VINCI, AI is really operational. It is always used to solve an operational pain point resulting sometime in the creation of a new start-up, more often in a new product or an offer industrialised within VINCI. This presentation shows a selection of projects that daily impact operational entities within VINCI.

Speakers: Bruno Daunay, Florian Leveque, Jean Sauvignon

Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #4 by TotalEnergies

Wednesday 4 January, 6.00pm

Empowering individuals to reduce and decarbonize their electricity use in an automated way

Today, electricity use is often concentrated at times of peak demand and high carbon intensity of electricity supply and may become increasingly so with future demand growth for home appliances and electric vehicles. In this talk, we will explore through a few use cases, how AI can be leveraged to empower individuals to reduce and decarbonize their electricity use in an automated way.

Speakers: Dimitra Ignatiadis

Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #5 by Schneider Electric

Thursday 5 January, 6.00pm

Data and Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Automation and Energy Management

There are more and more opportunities for data-driven applications in the Industrial Automation and Energy Management Domain.
Under conditions: (i) representative historical data about the process under consideration are available; (ii) the “process” has some form of regularity; (iii) process data can be made available at runtime.
Success highly depends on the good cooperation of stakeholders with complementary competencies: business owners, data engineers, data scientists, domain experts …

Speakers: Claude Le Pape, Ana David

Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #6 by Kering

Wednesday 11 January, 6.00pm

Supply chain use cases at Kering

Kering AI Factory is the Data Science team helping the brands building algorithms to improve their processes. In the luxury industry, millions of products are produced, shipped, stored and sold each year. AI can help the company going toward energy sobriety by optimizing the supply chain operations. In this talk, we will explore some supply chain use cases that are tackled at Kering. Speakers: Eelaman Ketheeswaran
Hi! PARIS AI & Energy Sobriety Talks! #7 by Rexel

Thursday 12 January, 6.00pm

Data & AI to recommend Energy efficient products for Building Electrical Equipment

As a provider of electrical equipment for Buildings (Residential, Commercial) and Industries, Rexel has a key role to recommend energy efficient solutions and low-carbon technologies (eg: efficient heating such as heat pumps, LED lighting, Electric Vehicle charging stations, Photovoltaic panels, Building automation systems…) :

In this talk, you will see how our Data Scientists develop:

  • Deep Learning Recommender Systems to identify relevant products for each of our client needs
  • Data-driven and algorithmic solutions to better assess energy consumption and CO2 emissions in order to recommend energy efficient products

Speakers: Laurent Nizard, Zakaria Sadki, Fatimazahra Imami, Antoine Perreard