AI for energy transition, 13 Jan 2022

Hi! PARIS is pleased to announce its next scientific workshop on AI for energy transition.

Thursday 13 January 2022, 2.00-4.00pm

This fourth webinar will focus on illustrations of ongoing research at Hi! PARIS related to the development of AI solutions for energy transition. These solutions aim at accelerating global efforts to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. Damien Ernst (Uliège and Telecom Paris) will discuss reinforcement learning for electrical markets and the energy transition. Then, Sam Aflaki (HEC Paris) will focus on the promotion of energy efficiency using performance-based contracts and analytics

Following their presentations, our researchers will be joined by experts in AI and machine learning to answer questions and spell out challenges related to the use of AI for Energy transition. Victor Martin (Head of numeric platform for power and sustainability R&D at TotalEnergies) will highlight TotalEnergies initiatives.


  • Damien Ernst – ULiège and Hi! PARIS Chair at Télécom Paris, IP Paris
  • Sam Aflaki – HEC Paris, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Operations Management


  • Victor Martin – TotalEnergies, Head of numeric platform for power and sustainability R&D


  • 13.50-15.00 – ILLUSTRATIONS OF RESEARCH AT Hi! PARIS by Damien Ernst – Hi! PARIS Chair holder, prof at Telecom Paris and ULiège – and Sam Aflaki – HEC Paris
  • 15:00 – 16:00 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Questions from attendees will be asked to all speakers and expert panelists

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