Following the success of last year’s “Visions of Research,” which offered insights from our Center’s researchers, this year we shift our focus to the practical implementations of AI in the business world.

In this year’s edition, we bring to the forefront concrete use cases across multiple domains, developed and implemented by our corporate donors: L’Oréal, Capgemini, TotalEnergies, KERING, Rexel, VINCI and Schenider Electric.

They share their use cases, some common among them, while also presenting their unique approaches and internal organization. This gives us a tangible view of the applications, limits, and benefits of artificial intelligence in 2024;

Thanks for their contribution: Stéphane Lannuzel, Philippe Cordier, Jérémy Harroch, Benjamin Deguilhem, Damien Hervault, Sébastien Gourvennec, Imen El Karoui, Laurent Nizard, Julien Colas, Bruno Daunay, Claude le Pape.

Here are 48 pages presenting “visions of business to drive business innovation with Data & AI” by Hi! PARIS Center.

Enjoy your reading!