Apply to the Visiting Chair Program

Hi! PARIS is pleased to announce and present our International Visiting Chair Program.

Hi! PARIS, as part of its commitment to promoting international scientific exchanges, is launching the “Hi! PARIS International Visiting Chairs” program. This program is designed to encourage scientists affiliated with international institutions to spend extended periods of time within Hi! PARIS affiliated research teams in France. The duration can range from several weeks to a year. The goal is to facilitate high-quality international collaborations, while at the same time giving greater visibility to our research institutions.

To make this program accessible to a broader spectrum of candidates, three categories of Chairs are proposed:

  1. International Visiting Chairs “Starting Career” (5 to 10 years of post-PhD experience):
    • Targets permanent researchers with between 5- and 10-years’ postdoctoral experience.
    • Offers the possibility of a 4- to 6-month research stay spread over a 3-year period.
  2. International Visiting Chairs “Advanced Career” (10 years plus of post-PhD experience)
    • For researchers of international stature with established careers.
    • Enables a longer commitment, with a stay of 8 to 10 months spread over 4 years.
  3. International visiting fellowships:
      • Targets permanent researchers with 5+ years’ post-PhD experience.
      • Offers the possibility of a 1 to 2 months research stay as a unique visit.

// Call 2024

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  • Deadline for applications. October 01, 2024, at noon (Paris Time)
  • Evaluation of applications. October – December 2024
  • Funding decision and notification to applicants. End of January 2025
  • Starting date of the Hi! PARIS International Invited Chair position. From February 2025

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